VPi Risk Solutions has years of experience of arranging innovative insurance and risk management for businesses within the technology sector, such as:

  • Electronics & manufacturing assembly

  • Medical technology

  • IT & Communications

  • Research & development equipment specialists

Technology is evolving at an ever faster rate. It means the risks faced by technology businesses today are almost certain to be different tomorrow.

VPi Risk Solutions is committed to providing cover with leading insurers of technology companies in the UK and we believe that our deep understanding of the issues faced by technology companies and our experience of this dynamic sector put us ahead of the competition.

From simple to complex risks, all underwritten individually, our technology products are tailored to meet clients’ needs and priorities. We will take the time to advise clients on current and emerging risks.

To enquire about the insurance that we can provide for you, or if you have a question, please get in touch using the online contact request form.