Private & Group Medical

Why consider providing Private & Group Medical Insurance to your employees?

Improved health among the workforce

For any business that’s suffered from many ‘sick notes’, or high levels of absenteeism, the services our providers can offer will be attractive. Helplines are provided free of charge to all members on the policy and many include services meaning no more waiting for a GP appointment.

Commitment and loyalty

Employees see benefits as an attraction during recruitment, and an incentive once employed. A Group PMI policy is a demonstration of commitment to the employees’ welfare, as well as being a practical medium to ensure a prompt return to work after illness.

Reduced absence costs

The Charted Institute of Personnel and Development carries out in-depth research into the cost of absence for businesses. In 2015, the median annual cost per employee in the public sector was stated to be £789; in the non-profit sector it was £639; £400 in private services and £557 in the production and manufacturing sector. Group PMI won’t eradicate sickness absence, but it can help get employees back to work more quickly, because they don’t have to join NHS waiting lists. Commercial and financial advantages

A private medical insurance policy is also a tax-deductible business expense under current tax rules (this may change in the future). And if any members of staff currently have individual policies in place, they could cut the cost significantly if their employer offers a scheme that they then join.

To enquire about the insurance that we can provide for you, or if you have a question, please get in touch using the online contact request form.