Credit Insurance & Bonds

Whether you operate domestically or internationally, you know the importance of protecting yourself against unpaid invoices and insolvencies which can impact your cash flow and pose a threat to your company.

You grant payment terms to your customers every day, it’s a routine way of doing business. But do you think of the risk you are taking? What happens when a customer defaults or a business closes down? You may not have experienced any of these situations before but did you know that 25% of bankruptcies are due to unpaid invoices. How much of your total assets represent unpaid invoices and do they merit protection?

Our range of comprehensive credit insurance services are suited to all sizes of businesses and aim to protect you against the risk of financial default by your customers, whether you are looking at your whole turnover or specific customers we can arrange a facility to suit your needs.

Performance and other Bonds

The insurance market is a much used area in the provision of bonds or many variations including:-

Performance bonds - a guarantee to an employer of the performance of a contract, in accordance with terms and conditions.

Advance payment bonds - a guarantee given when money is paid before goods or services are supplied.

Retention bonds - a guarantee issued in place of money that would otherwise be held as retention.

Road and sewer bonds - bonds to ensure that statutory obligations in relation to the construction and maintenance of roads or sewers are fulfilled.

To enquire about the insurance that we can provide for you, or if you have a question, please get in touch using the contact request form.